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Smoke rises from a boiling world; the hour grows late as Denton rides to bankruptcy to save his company. Amid all the turmoil, politics, controversy, and uncertainty, you find yourself here. It can mean only one thing. You’re an io9er and that makes you mighty.


You are a part, an essential part, of an amazing community. It’s a community that jousts at the future, ponders the breaking science and the wondrous world around us. We cowered together as hurricanes fell, Whispered “Winter is coming” as we aggregated the climate science data and mumbled “hodor” to one another as we cracked Game of Thrones puns (Can I get a hand here?).

We had a great time, we unlocked our minds, we brought the flaming sparks of science to the world and now we smirk at what few episode recaps are thrown to us. After all that, after all the fear and the fire and the quips, we’re only a small sub-blog of a bankrupt company.


The people who came from the future, now face tomorrow with doubt.

The community has been here before and though we are decimated, we remain. Yet perhaps we’ve made too many compromises already; too many retreats.


They invaded our space and we fall back. They assimilated us into Gizmodo and we fall back.

They cast away our writers and our dreamers and we fell back.

Even our captains, Annalee and CJA, have departed us, and still we fell back.

Not again. The line must be drawn here.

It is at moments such as these that you need to ask yourself, what are you here for? What dreams may come and what dreams do we hold to when all other lights have failed?


Well there once was a dream. It meant worlds to us so Don’t panic.

io9 is from an uncharted region in futurist culture We’ll give you more of those astounding visions you saw here first. We give readers a vision of the future that was based in scientific reality as well as science fiction.


To do it, I needed to build a publication that would bring science journalism together with cultural criticism and futurist ideas

Who knows what kinds of civilizational progress might come out of that crucible, where people with many political backgrounds could join forces to assure humanity’s continued survival, using science?


The point of futurism isn’t just to describe what comes next — it’s to change it. Come with us, on our quest to build a better tomorrow.

—Annalee Newitz.

Have we lost our ways? Have we degenerated into something that a gawkerstorm can shake? Or, will you stand with me now, against the rising odds, against the dying of the light.


We will not just scatter, adapt and remember

“We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We’re going to live on!

We’re going to survive!”

We come from the future !

Whether or not the mothership Gizmodo, survives this plight, we need to band together and plot our course. Yesterday, DontVoteRiot challenged me to be something more than a clown with pithy one liners. Trying to answer him, I found a quote that force me to reconsider things.


“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”- Albert Einstein

Whether or not Kinja survives this fight, our world is in peril from terrifying threats. We can ill-afford to be only gawkers anymore.


I think together we can find A better way to make the world better.

There are four steps to addressing any problem. It’s called an OODA loop We already Observe, Orient, Decide, it’s time to start to ACT


Whether we remain with Gawker or not, I challenge you to help reforge the site that was broken into a force for good and one liners.


To that end, you have my forge, my lathes, my time, my funds, and my rapier sharp wit (or at least half of it)

Yet when all is said, I’m just a little red dot often at the bottom of a news story, I can’t do it alone. Yet, io9ers can do it, we did it already apparently, we come from the future.


Will you join us?

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